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Forklifts (diesel) - 3.5 to 8 tons

Toyota 8-Series Forklifts on new diesel engines with the rated load capacity of 3.5 tons to 8 tons and the lift height of up to 7 meters are compact and maximally comfort. These forklifts can easily handle medium and heavy cargos both indoors and outdoors. The models with the capacity of 5 tons to 8 tons show the best results during handling operations at ports. The new diesel engines installed on such forklifts meet the EU requirements for exhaust emissions and ensure high performance and optimal capacity.
New functions such as Eco-Mode and Automatic Engine Stoppage make it possible to substantially save fuel.


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Model Capacity, kg Turning radius (outside), mm  
8FD35N 3500 2610 Check the price
8FD40N 4000 2660 Check the price
8FD45N 4500 2750 Check the price
8FD50N 5000 2810 Check the price
8FD60N 6000 3230 Check the price
8FD70N 7000 3280 Check the price
8FD80N 8000 3320 Check the price

The standard lift height - 3000 mm. Also it is possible to equip the forklifts with masts of the extended height of 3000 mm to 7000 mm.

The 8-series forklift operator comfort is felt from the moment of seating: 
  • Good visibility during operation both at the low and high levels
  • Multifunctional display
  • Convenient location of steering control levers
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Double-acting parking brake
  • Wide and anti-slip floor

In production of forklifts, Toyota placed the highest value on safety in operation of lift trucks. The System of Active Stability (SAS) based on innovative technologies is able to reduce the risk of accidents. This system is added with the intelligent Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS) which ensures operational safety of operators.Detailed  
Toyota 8-Series Diesel Forklifts with the rated load capacity of 3.5 tons to 8 tons are equipped with new engines designed by the Toyota engineers specifically for this forklift series. Such engines have high capacity and are fuel-saving.

Engine Type                                                 Diesel
Producer                                                       TOYOTA
Engine Model                                               14Z-II
Engine displacement (cc)                             5204
Engine rated brake power (kW)/rpm        56/2100    66/2400
Driving torque at rated load (Nwm)/rpm  269/1600  325/1000

Газобензиновые Погрузчики

Газобензиновые Вилочные погрузчики грузоподъемностью от 1 до 5 тонн.

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3-х и 4-х колёсные (опорные) электропогрузчики с грузоподъемностью от 1 до 3,5 тонн.

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