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(Powered) stackers - pedestrian

W-Series pedestrian power stackers are represented by 11 models with load capacity of up to 1400 kg. They are used for material handling applications of low to moderate intensity. Small-sized HWE models are used for low-intensive loading and unloading operations in small warehouses and shops. The rest 9 models are designated for loading and unloading operations of moderate intensity, horizontal transportation of pallets, and order picking. All models are easy-to-control and equipped with a alternating-current motor, which does not require heavy maintenance costs.


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Battery capacity (Аh)  
SWE80L 800 1.58 230 Check the price
SWE100 1000 3.3 300 Check the price
SWE120/SWE120S/SWE120L 1200 4.5 375/300 Check the price
SWE140/SWE140S/SWE140L 1400 4.7 375/500/300 Check the price
SWE145/SWE145L 1450 5.4 500/300 Check the price
SWE160/SWE160L 1600 5.4 500/300 Check the price
SWE200/SWE200L/SWE200D 2000 4/2.1 500/300 Check the price

Maximum speed to 6 km/h.

  • Availability of BT Powerdrive system, which provides significant stability and excellent flotation and maneuverability;
  • Unique stacker’s body, which lowers to the fork, thereby increasing the view for the operator;
  • Operator can individually preset the control parameters;
  • Ergonomic steering allows one-handed control of the stacker, i.e. to lift and lower the mast, as well as move and stop it; 
  • Models can be equipped with fixed, lifting or extension fork. Lifting fork allow to use the stacker on the ramps and uneven surfaces;

On the Customer’s request, the below described and other options may be included:
  • Two- and three-section masts with free lift or two-section mast with all-round view;
  • Spring-loaded platform for comfortable work of the operator when carrying out the long-distance transportation of loads; 
  • Upper guard for load;
  • Low-temperature oil for operation in low-temperature environment;
  • Built-in charger;
  • Driver’s platform;
  • Installation of panel table for documents, stretch-film, computer;
  • Deceleration function;
  • Sensi-lift function for more smooth and accurate stacking of pallets.