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(Powered) stackers - with platform

ВТ Р-Series stacker trucks are equipped with the driver’s platform and are used for warehousing operations for stacking and long-distance horizontal transportation of loads. Moreover, these stacker trucks are suitable for operations in confined areas and for unloading of transportation vehicles. 
Stacker trucks with the driver’s platform are represented by 11 models with load capacity from 1.2 to 2 tonnes and lifting height up to 6 meters. Most of models has the increased maneuverability with BT Powerdrive and BT Powertrak systems, which provide significant stability and excellent flotation on rough and uneven floor surfaces. 


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Battery capacity (Аh)  
RWE120 1200 4,8 330 Check the price
SPE125/SPE125L 1250 5,4 440 Check the price
SPE135S 1350 5,4 440 Check the price
SPE160/SPE160L 1600 5,4 440 Check the price
SPE200/SPE200L 2000 3,95 440 Check the price
SPE200D 2000 2,5 440 Check the price

Maximum speed to 10 km/h.

RWE120 model (powered stucker with a moving mast for mixed or bottom-boarded pallet handling):
  • It is distinguished by its versatility, combines small size of standard stacker with flexibility of reach track. 
  • Has an adjustable width over forks for mixed or bottom-boarded pallet handling
SPE125/SPE125L/ SPE135S/ SPE160/SPE160L/ SPE200/SPE200L/ SPE200D models (for intensive operations):
  • High performance and compact size allow handling of lorries loads and carrying out of loading and unloading operations;
  • High speed up to 8 km/h;
  • BT Powerdrive and BT Powertrak systems, which provide considerable stability and excellent flotation and maneuverability;
  • Operator can individually program the control parameters;
  • Availability of BT Sensi-lift system, which provides precise control of fork lifting and lowering, as well as of fork lifting and lowering speed;
  • Ergonomic steering provides easy and intuitive control;
  • Straddle support arms and adjustable fork allow easy handling of closed and standard pallets;
  • Width of the support arms is adjustable to the rack size. 

On the Customer’s request, the following additional options can be included:
  • Choice of platform (Stay down or Stay Up configuration, Ergo platform for maximum operator’s comfort;
  • Choice of lifting fork for simultaneous double pallet handling and for operations on the ramps, uneven floor surfaces and slopes. 
  • Modification for operations in cold stores;
  • Temporary speed reduction (“turtle” button);
  • Battery change facility;
  • Sideways battery change.