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Order Pickers

Single positions order picking process is one of the main load handling process in the warehousing premises. Order Pickers are trucks allowing to simplify the order picking process. Performance efficiency of this truck for manual order picking is very important, because it directly influence the customer satisfaction. Scope of application of these trucks is from distribution centers to small-scale wholesale enterprises. 
Our company offer the following model range of BT Optio for manual order picking, which operate on low, medium and upper heights and satisfy all modern requirements for different applications. All models provide the increased performance, safety and comfort level, as well as they are suitable for operation in chilled environments.  


ВТ Optio low-level order pickers (L series) are designated for low intensity operations, but are ideal for first and second level load handling with different modification for each type of load.

  • Load Capacity to 2500 kg
  • Height of selection of the order to 2.8 m


They are ideal for operation in narrow passages. Medium-level order pickers are designated for order picking at a height up to 6300 mm.

  • Load Capacity to 1000 kg
  • Height of selection of the order to 6.3 m


Despite its compact design, ВТ Optio order picking trucks for high levels (H-series) offer picking of cargo at a lifting height of 12 metres.

  • Load Capacity to 1200 kg
  • Height of selection of the order to 12 m