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Order Pickers - low-level

ВТ Optio low-level order pickers (L series) are designated for low intensity operations, but are ideal for first and second level load handling with different modification for each type of load. Features such as lifting fork, elevating driver’s platform and adjustable control panel, as well as long fork, are standard for low-level model range. 
This series is represented by nine models, which differs by load capacity, order picking height, and fork length. All models have BT Powerdrive function, which provide excellent performance rate and efficiency when handling loads.  


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Manual picking height , m  
OSE120/OSE120P 1200 0.8 2.6 Check the price
OSE180XP 1800 0.8 2.6 Check the price
OSE200X 2000 0.8 2.6 Check the price
OSE250/250P 2500 0.24 2.6 Check the price
OSE100 1000 1.88 2.8 Check the price
OSE100W 1000 1.10 2.8 Check the price
OSE120CB 1200 4.15 1.75 Check the price

Maximum speed to 12 km/h.

Features of OSE100/OSE100W models:
  • OSE100W model offers open access to the load carrier, making it easier for operators to handle heavy outsized materials
  • OSE100 model has a free fork lifting function, which provides comfort when loading and unloading the pallets
  • Suitable for low intensity order picking at height up to 1200 mm
  • Moving together with the platform
  • Function of automatic breaking and speed reduction
  • E-Man control system
  • Fork length up to 1150 mm
Features of OSE120/OSE120P/OSE200X/OSE180XP/OSE250/OSE250P models:
  • Lifting fork, elevating driver platform, and adjustable control panel, as well as extended fork are the standard features
  • High speed
  • Quick on/off function, which allows to decrease the operation time and improve controllability of these trucks
  • For second-level order picking, OSE120Р, OSE180XР, OSE250Р models are recommended. Additional elevation of platform in OSE180XР model – up to 980 mm, in OSE250Р and OSE120Р models – up to 2600 m. 
  • OSE250/ OSE250P are suitable for heavy and intensive operation at lifting height up to 2900 mm
  • For OSE200X model, configuration with extended fork is possible for double pallet handling or lifting of 4 containers 
  • Automatic breaking and speed reduction
  • E-Man control system, which increases safety and maneuverability while maintaining high performance rate
  • Fork length up to 3375 mm
Features of OSE120CB model:
  • This model can be used as the counterweight truck for stacking, as well as for standard order picking
  • Possibility to handle closed pallets
  • AC power energy saving system
  • Intensive picking at lifting height up to 4150 mm
  • Manual order picking height up to 4.15 m
  • E-Man control system
  • Fork length up to 1200 mm