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Forklifts (gas/petrol) - 1 to 3.5 tons

Toyota 8-Series Forklifts on Gas-Petrol Engines having the rated load capacity of 1 ton to 3.5 tons and the lift height of up to 7 meters. This newest forklift series replaced the Toyota 7-Series Forklifts in 2006. The Toyota 8-Series became the breakthrough in production of forklifts, as it features major enhancements that improve every aspect of the former series forklift operation, using the latest technologies of safety and ergonomics. The forklifts can be operated for a long time not only outdoors but also indoors during different handling operations. 


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Model Capacity, kg Turning radius (outside), mm  
8FG10 1000 1910 Check the price
8FG15 1500 1990 Check the price
8FG18 1750 2010 Check the price
8FG20 2000 2200 Check the price
8FG25 2500 2280 Check the price
8FG30 3000 2430 Check the price
8FGJ35 3500 2490 Check the price

The standard lift height - 3000 mm. Also it is possible to equip the forklifts with masts of the extended height of 3000 mm to 7000 mm. Load Center - 500 mm.

The 8-series forklift operator comfort is felt from the moment of seating:
  • A large assist handle allows operators to comfortably mount and dismount from a forklift
  • Forklifts will be operated with the use of a small hand-wheel which is readily available and there is no need for reaching out for it
  • Operators have excellent visibility during operation thanks to a compact control panel and overhead screen
  • Adjustable operator seat slides allow operators to select the perfect position for a comfortable day on the job
  • Levers and pedals are arranged in the way convenient for operators

In production of forklifts, Toyota placed the highest value on safety in operation of lift trucks. The System of Active Stability (SAS) based on innovative technologies is able to reduce the risk of accidents. This system is added with the intelligent Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS) which ensures operational safety of operators. Detailed 
 Gas-petrol forklifts use high-performance environmentally friendly engines of 4Y type, operating on liquified natural gas or petrol in strict accordance with the specifics of operation in the local environment.

Engine Type                                                  Petrol
Producer                                                        TOYOTA
Engine capacity (cc)                                      2237
Engine model                                                 4Y
Engine rated brake power (kW)/rpm          40/2400
Driving torgue at rated load (Nwm)/rpm   162/1800


Дизельные Погрузчики

Дизельные Вилочные погрузчики грузоподъемностью от 1 до 24 тонн.

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3-х и 4-х колёсные (опорные) электропогрузчики с грузоподъемностью от 1 до 3,5 тонн.

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