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Used forklifts

Along with new machinery HINO MOTORS KAZAKHSTAN is offering you used forklifts. Acquisition of a used forklift can be the best alternative for those who cannot afford to buy a new forklift.
It is worth noting that the Toyota vehicles and machinery have duly been appreciated by a great many of customers, and is well known by their reliability and durability!
Our machinery undergoes technical control and certification in compliance with and against the international standards, and each particular vehicle has its own individual configuration and relevant price.

You will find below the basic characteristics of used forklifts:

Model Forklift 8FD25 Stackers RRE120B  
Rated load capacity, kg 2500 1200  
Mast, mm V3000 4500  
Engine Dizel Electric  
Production year 2008 2014 
Running hours   -   -    
Price, $ 18 200 25 600  
Producer Toyota/Japan Toyota/Sweden  
Warranty, month/running hours 6/800 12/2000  
Addition Full-circle forks  I SITE TOYOTA System  

You can buy a used forklift by contacting our Sales Department's specialists by the telephone numbers +7 (727) 313-13-15, 381-50-50 or by e-mail: 

We offer

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(Powered) stackers

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