Reach trucks

Toyota Tsusho Technics Central Asia company offers heavy-duty reach trucks from Toyota and BT. In contrast to powered stackers, the main purpose of reach trucks (electric stackers with the extending mast) is to work with racks, promptly and effectively shift cargo on racks and significantly optimize warehouse operations. The advanced technology of alternating current in Toyota and ВТ stackers lowers operational costs and increases the operation rate significantly. The load capacity of TOYOTA reach trucks is up to 2000 kg, lift height – up to 14 metres. Toyota control is performed in a rider-seated or a stand-in position. BT reach trucks work with cargo up to 2,700 kg and the lift height of up to 12 metres. They were designed for various degrees of intensity. 


Compact Toyota 6FBRE rider-seated reach trucks were specially designed for incredibly small turning radius.


Four-way reach truck of BT Reflex F-series is irreplaceable when handling with long cargo and standard pallets in small-sized warehouses and premises.