(Powered) stackers - stand-in

ВТ Staxio S-Series stand-in stackers are equipped with closed and ergonomic cabin, where the driver works in standing position. This series of stackers has the driver’s guard, which provides the driver’s safety when carrying out lifting operations. 
These powered stackers are ideal for intensive stacking in confident areas, as well as for loading and unloading of transportation vehicles and load handling inside the vehicles. 
Stand-in stackers have the load capacity of 1.35 to 1.6 tonnes and lifting height of up to 6.3 meters. 


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Battery capacity (Аh)  
SSE135/ SSE135L 1350 5,4 600 Check the price
SSE160/ SSE160L 1600 6,3 600 Check the price

Maximum speed to 9 km/h.

Features of SSE135/SSE160, SSE135L/SSE160L models:
  • SSE135 and SSE160 models have the fixed fork, SSE135L and SSE160L models have lifting fork. Due to lifting fork, they can be used on uneven and sloped floor surfaces, as well as for double pallet handling. 
  • SSE135L and SSE160L models with lifting fork are suitable for double pallet handling with lifting height up to 1500 mm. Maximum load capacity of SSE135L model is 675 + 675 kg, of SSE160L model - 800+800.
  • All models are convenient and easy to control.
  • Possibility to preset operation parameters suitable for the operator. 
  • Overhead guard provides the operator’s safety when lifting the loads. 
  • Narrow chassis and 360º steering system provides excellent control.
  • Clear vision

On the Customer’s request, the following and other options can be included:
  • Battery with capacity of up to 620 Ah
  • Modification for operations in cold stores
  • Speed reduction function
  • Battery change facility