Order Pickers - high-level

Despite its compact design, ВТ Optio order picking trucks for high levels (H-series) offer picking of cargo at a lifting height of 12 metres. This series is well appropriate for heavy-duty operations in narrow working passages. These machines are able to transfer and lift cargo at the same time that ensures quick and effective performance. 
Machines are equipped with spacious cabins where an operator can set operational parameters. When a pin code is entered, the machine identifies a certain operator and works using previously programmed parameters. 
The maximum running speed of 12 km/h allows saving time for transition between cargo picking zones.


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Manual picking height , m  
OME100H 1000 11.1 12.1 Check the price
OME120H 1200 10.3 12.1 Check the price

Maximum speed to 12 km/h.

Features of OME100H, OME120HW models:
  • Application: for intensive picking at the lifting height of 12,000 mm (lifting height of the platform is 10,500 mm)
  • ОМЕ100Н model is equipped with the additional lift, while OME120HW model is equipped with the elevating cabin with a clear passage to the cargo
  • These models are able to transfer and lift cargo at the same time
  • BT Optipace system controls cargo and the lifting height, picking the relevant speed. At that, the electrical control panel ensures an additional working accuracy with the help of the finger-tip control.
  • Models have two optional movement directions
  • Spacious and comfortable operator’s cabin with adjustable control elements
  • Solid mast

Options stated below or different ones can be equipped at customer’s discretion:
  • Possible choice of chassis width: 1,050 mm or 1,250 mm
  • The additional lift function with fixed or adjustable forks