Towing tractors - rider-seated

Rider-seated towing tractors have comfortable operators’ seats. They are equipped with alternating current engines to achieve the maximum effectiveness. Having a wide range of traction efforts the models below are well appropriate for a horizontal transportation of cargos for long distances. 4CBT models provide traction effort up to 4 tons. Control is similar to automobile driving that ensures the maximum convenience for operator’s work. 
2TD and 2TG models are distinguished by a high running speed, the ability to transfer cargo of increased tonnage, being well appropriate to be used in factories and airports.


Model Towing force up, kg Turning radius, mm  
4CBT2/ 4CBT3 2000/3000 1600 Check the price
4CBT4/ CBT4 4000 1600/ 1775 Check the price
CBT6 6000 1775 Check the price
2TD20/ 2TG20 39000 3050 Check the price
2TD25/ 2TG25 49000 3050 Check the price

CBT models:
  • Alternating current engine
  • Control is similar to automobile driving
  • Reinforced metal chassis in СВТ6 model
  • Availability of the Operator Presence Sensing system (OPS)
  • Rounded structure of the rear chassis in 4СВТ models
2TD and 2TG models:
  • Traction effort up to 49 tons
  • Diesel or gasoline engine
  • Equipped with mechanical or automatic gearbox
  • Increased comfort for its operator
  • Reinforced metal chassis
  • High running speed (up to 30 km/h)