With platform

Powered Pallet Trucks - with platform

  ВТ P-series powered trucks equipped with the driver platforms were specially designed for long-distance intensive operations. These powered trucks are perfect for loading and unloading operations in confined areas and for loading and unloading of the load-carrying transport.  To increase productive capacity, all powered trucks are equipped with BT Powerdrive system, which provides excellent driving characteristics both when lifting and lowering the driver’s platform. 
Powered trucks with the driver’s platform are represented by the following 2 models and have the lifting capacity of up to 2,400 tonnes at 600 mm load centre.


Model Capacity, kg Battery capacity (Аh)  
LPE200 2000 330 Check the price
LPE240 2400 620 Check the price

Maximum speed to 12 km/h.

Powered trucks with the driver’s platform have the following features:
  • Spring-loaded driver’s platform designated for high-intensive operations and environments
  • Long-distance load transportation
  • Built-in drive and control system with individual settings
  • Decreases physical load and increases work output
  • Fork length up to 2350 mm
  • High travel speed and maneuverability

On the Customer’s request, the below mentioned and other options may be included: 
  • Foldable or fixed guards, fixed backrest for the driver, which increases the safety and ergonomics
  • Choice of length and width of forks for different needs
  • 620 Ah battery with width similar to that of the truck, which allows compactness to provide good maneuverability