Vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning

Floor cleaning machines - vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning

Despite the compact model, vacuum cleaners from Fiorentini easily deal with the work of any complexity for a long period of time. Models assembled on a bogie make it easy to move the vacuum cleaner, making the process of cleaning more convenient. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with nylon filter baskets, providing dry cleaning both with a paper bag filter, and without it. When cleaning liquids, the filter basket must be removed from the vacuum cleaner. 
Special vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning from Fiorentini company have many models with different characteristics. Data on frequently demanded models is given below. If necessary, our experts will help you to pick a machine according to your request, taking into accountpeculiarities of your work. 


Model Garbage bin capacity, L Sucking in turbines, W Cleaning particularities  
Fiorentini F32 F1 30 1x1000 dry and wet Check the price
Fiorentini F38 F1 60 1х1000 dry and wet Check the price
Fiorentini F46 F2R 82 2x1000 wet Check the price
Fiorentini F48 F1 60 2x1000 dry and wet Check the price

Fiorentini F32 F1/ Fiorentini F38 F1/ Fiorentini F48 F1 models (vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning)
  • Used with a paper bag filter and without it;
  • The float system prevents garbage container overflow while cleaning liquid contaminations, preventing the ingress of liquid to the suction turbine;
  • Equipped with two separate turbines.
Fiorentini F46 F2R model (for wet cleaning)
  • A submersible pump is located inside the collecting tank for liquids and provides their pumping transfer;
  • The pump is equipped with the float type automatic activation (deactivation) system. Pump activation is performed when the liquid in the tank reaches a certain level.

  • Suction hose;
  • Extension tube;
  • Filter basket;
  • Nozzle for dry cleaning;
  • Nozzle for moisture collection;
  • Crevice nozzle;
  • Round nozzle with bristle;
Fiorentini F46 F2R model includes only:
  • Suction hose;
  • Extension tube;
  • Nozzle for moisture collection.